Rodec production stop
Posted on 10 October, 2015

Dear Business partner, RODEC distributor/agent/user,

As you probably have noticed, Transtel-Sabima has been going through a number of changes over the past few years.
Due to the economic recession after 2008 we have been forced to reorganize our production and over the last five years we have tried to get control of our expenses in production as far as labor cost, parts supply and overall availability of components are concerned.
Disposable mass production electronics have invaded the market. The quality components that make up hand crafted RODEC mixers have become scarce, their sourcing unreliable and pricing erratic. The environment to maintain a small scale production at stable pricing no longer exists.
This is why we in Antwerp call for a time-out.
We will discontinue production in Antwerp. Our current components stocks will be used to service RODEC mixers for years to come, and we will continue to provide that same service to our international customers with schematics, manuals and spares as before.
All accessories will be continued.

RODEC’s DNA will not change.
Hopefully we will in the near future be able to offer a valuable alternative to the production we have cherished in house for so many years.

We hope you can understand our decision and that you will continue to support the RODEC products as you have been doing in the past, although availability will come to an end within the coming months.

Stay tuned,