BX9 Original
Original Series
  The RODEC BX-9 was introduced back in 2002 as a 19 inch solution for smaller bars and clubs.
This specific market was in need of professional high quality audio mixing solutions,
where the average user as well as the professional DJ would be allowed to musically optimize their audio system.

With 8 inputs, 2 master outputs, multiple rec outputs, triple tone control, PFL & the typical RODEC construction quality,
sound performance and reliability these mixers have meanwhile gained their reputation as the small MX-180 and have found their way into thousands of venues around the world.

The BX series are built up in the same manner as all our 19 inch mixers, with identical first class hifi components, modular set-up and rigid construction to make sure that this mixer could withstand the most fierce conditions in which a professional unit can in many cases be used.

With strong resemblance to the original MX-180 which was introduced back in 1986, the BX9 Original is in fact a third generation product, with obvious updates as standard symmetrical outputs, larger Led bars and new Lay Out.
Less obvious changes are on pure electronic level with a design which is true to the original set-up but with updated schematics and components.

As with all RODEC professional mixers BX Original series is still being manufactured entirely in Belgium,
with first class components and faders and all other mechanically stress sensible components being fixed individually
to the front plate of the mixer in true RODEC tradition.

Sound performance remains ‘analogue’ with dynamics, detail and ambiance at a level which can be compared to our current MX180 original, which has a signal to noise ratio that can be compared to many Hifi or High End Audio products that do not offer the complexity of signal processing of our mixers.

With still 8 input channels and 1 microphone inputs the BX Original series will offer adequate connectivity to many professional users who prefer quality, reliability and performance over entanglement, feature overload or short term approach.

Appreciated for their serviceability and modular set-up this mixer is also very much appreciated by any technician,
who will in most case be able to service a unit on-the spot, which makes it very attractive for night club owners and users alike. This will also make our RODEC mixers one of the greenest products available, with an average life span of over 10 years for all our mixers and a manufacturing facility which respects the environment and all people involved in the production process. All used components and material are recyclable, including the packaging.

In a nutshell, the RODEC BX series offer more than 55 years of High-End research, design and development to any professional user and lover of analogue music. It has been a reference products for many years, and although a new ‘progressive’ range has meanwhile been introduced it will remain this reference for many years to come in the pure analogue field.

The ‘Progressive’ range is a completely different story within a very similar philosophy, please read further with the other products ...