• 2 Switchable phono MM stages
  • Original MX-180 phono stage
  • New discrete Rodec phono stage
  • Current feedback
  • Split RIAA equalization
  • Separate line preamp
  • Extra +20dB gain
  • Original MX 180 3-band analog EQ
  • Divided EQ sections
  • Handcrafted in Belgium
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Contains 1 line and 2 different sounding phono stages: the original MX180 stage for immediate rodec party sound and a brand new rodec engineered discrete stage, that features a deeper and more relaxed sound. You can switch between the two phono circuits with a simple flick of a button.

Next to this, we've added the option to push an additional +20dB of gain to help get those lower level records to match.



Recreation of the original MX-18 EQ that has low/high and presence (mid) built in divided sections to provide a larger, independent range of tone control. Don’t expect the kill EQs you find in today’s DJ mixers. This is a usable EQ to musically tweak your favorite recordings.



Engineered & assembled by hand in Belgium. 2mm of carefully painted aluminium panels, sturdy metal knobs and locked in a solid piece of eco-friendly, locally sourced wood crafted by furniture artisan Eletta Daemen.

A tribute to the legendary


The RODEC SoundMachines SM200 & SM300 dominated the pro-audio sales in the early 80’s. The MX-series were the successors, with the MX18, released in 1986, becoming the ‘reference’ in the DJ segment, up to now still the blueprint of a contemporary professional mixer.

The Rodec MX180, successor of the MX18 was introduced in 1990 with a crossfader and the XLR Master output option as the most important new features.

More than 20 different MX-models were released between 1984 and 2008.


The first sensation I had when unpacking the Bunk 01 was of an aesthetic order. The finish is so
exquisite that I could only be amazed at the quality of the workmanship.
Of course this wouldn’t mean anything without an equivalent level of sonic excellence, and I
wasn’t disappointed.
The soundstage reached up to the ceiling of my listening room and extended laterally beyond
the speakers. Instrument placement within the soundstage was very accurate. Reproduction of
timbres was wholly natural and unforced. The sound was warm but very detailed, with powerful
I had the best result with lively cartridges and the phono preamp’s gain level set low.
All in all a resounding success!

J. Grinaert - Belgium

Technical specifications

Input impedance 47kOhm
Input capacitance 200pF
Gain @1KHz Phono 45dB 12 O'clock - 65dB max
Gain @1KHz Line 0dB 12 O'clock - 20dB max
Frequency response 9Hz...75KHz (+0, -1dB)
RIAA curve flat to approx 0.3dB
Maximum input level 33mV RMS @1000Hz
Output impedance 220 Ohm
Recommended output load 25K Ohm
Minimum output load 2K Ohm
EQ MID +/-12dB @ 1KhZ
EQ LOW +/-12dB @ 100Hz
EQ HIGH +/-12dB @ 10KhZ
Power supply voltage 12V DC
Power consumption 3W max
Dimensions (WxDxH) 95 x 210 x 85mm
600g (elm, pine, walnut) - 800g (bamboo)

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