MX Modular

The next generation of creative audio gear blurs the lines between studio and stage, seamlessly merging the realms of creation and performance. It's modular, offering boundless combinations to enhance your musical endeavors.

Our vision was to craft a personal artist's console that transcends mere equipment—it becomes an instrument in itself. With it, you can sculpt and mold your music, not just during its creation but also when bringing it to life on stage.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every artist and band, we've ensured that no two consoles are alike. Our signal processing and mixing sections are fully customizable, adapting effortlessly to your specific setup.

Whether you're a small electronic band armed with synths, sequencers, and a bass guitar, or a DJ/producer equipped with a computer, a sampler, and a collection of cherished vinyl records, rest assured, we've got you covered.

Pre-order June 2024


In our signal processing section, we've embraced the versatile 500 series format, offering you 10 slots for 500 modules. This allows you to customize your setup precisely to your needs, whether you opt for our own Rodec 500 modules or explore the vast array available on the market.

Moreover, our innovative stereo backplane cassettes enable you to transform two mono slots into a stereo slot seamlessly, accommodating Rodec's 100 series format similar to how you would stack plugins in your DAW. We're excited about the potential for this format to be embraced by other brands, fostering the creation of additional physical 'plugins.' Each stereo backplane provides ample space with 22 units HP, accommodating modules typically ranging between 6 and 10 units high.

When it comes to the fader section, flexibility is key. You can configure it with mono faders, stereo faders tailored for instruments or computer output, and specialized DJ faders. Plus, all music channels boast programmable mute and solo buttons, conveniently grouped into scenes that can be easily recalled, making the creation and execution of your performances a breeze.


Analog setups are undeniably appealing, yet you might find yourself drawn to a hybrid approach, coupling your console with a computer for added versatility. That's where our built-in low-latency, high-quality 18in/out ADC/DAC interface comes into play, powered by state-of-the-art ESS chips. Seamlessly facilitating the streaming of multi-channel audio to and from your computer, this combo opens up a world of possibilities.

In the master section, you'll discover a digital FX module featuring cutting-edge Rodec-engineered delay and reverb algorithms that are intuitively hooked up to AUX 1 and AUX 2. Dive into customization as you fine-tune these effects to your liking and store presets across 99 banks. Furthermore, you have the freedom to integrate your preferred FX units by connecting them to the analog AUX send and return sockets.

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Analog audio console with 10 channels for 500 series + 5 stereo sum channels + 4 stereo return channels
18-Channel AD/DA converter with USB-C interface feauturing AKM ADCs and ESS DACs
Choose between stereo and mono channels
2 stereo AUX sends and 2 stereo BUS routings per channel
LED VU meter on each channel
Programmable mute and solo buttons that can be grouped into scenes and recalled when creating and performing through mute groups and solo release
Super smooth, short throw Alps performance faders
3 analog summing buses including the master bus.
Up to 28 channels of analog summing: 18 USB or analog inputs, additional stereo external link input, 2 stereo AUX returns and 2 stereo BUS returns
Additional Insert per 500 channel and stereo insert on the master and busses gives you plenty of connectivity to add additional outboard gear.
Direct out per channel (post 500 module)
High end, balanced master out with discrete opamps and chunky lundahl transformers with +28dBu headroom
Monitor Out
Headphone output with individual level control and cue/mix control
Link multiple MX Modular consoles together. Audio, mutes and solos will work as desired.
Convenient 19" rack-mountable format
  • M-501 Preamp / EQ

    Rodec's first 500 series discrete preamp/EQ takes your console to a new level. Featuring a customisable choice of pluggable opamps and an EQ, this module spans 50 years of sound coloring.

    Yes, you can drive in into the sunshine colors.

    • 70dB of gain
    • LED gain indication
    • 2 lundahl transformers
    • 2 discrete 6 pin socketed switchable opamps
    • 48v Phantom switchable power
    • 20 dB pad switch
    • Bypassable EQ section with narrow or wide Q on parametric mid section
    • Output Attenuation control
  • M-103 FET compressor

    FET-style stereo compressor with parallel mixing bus.

    • Wet / Dry control for parallel compression
    • Variable attack & release
    • High pass side-chain filter
    • 6-Step ratio: 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1 and all in
    • Gain reduction LED meter

    True bypass button

  • M-104 Dynamic filter

    Stereo vintage synth-style filter

    • Low pass / High pass filter with resonance control
    • Innovative LP/HP smooth transitioning
    • Dynamic envelope on frequency
    • In and out level control (pre and post filter)
    • Mix control for parallel filtering
    • True bypass button
  • M-101 Phono stage

    The MX-180 was Rodec’s flagship mixer for more than 30 years. We recreated its phono/line preamp in a 100 series module, so it could be used in the MX Modular and as one of the two slots in the Bunk 01.

    But took it a step further: we added a second discrete phono stage that features a deeper and more relaxed sound, which complements the more party-time sounding original Rodec stage. You can switch between the two phono stages with a simple flick of a button.

    Next to this we added the option to push an addition +20dB of gain, to help get lower level records to level match. You can keep the original 0dB attenuator too, by adjusting a dip switch on the board. Please - Please DJs: do not misuse this ;-).


    • 2 Switchable phono MM stages
    • Original MX-180 phono stage
    • New discrete Rodec phono stage
    • Current feedback
    • Split RIAA equalization
    • Separate line preamp
    • Extra +20dB gain
  • M-102 Stereo equalizer

    Recreation of the original MX-18 EQ that has low/high and presence (mid) built in divided sections to provide a larger, independent range of tone control. Don’t expect the kill EQs you find in today’s DJ mixers. This is a usable EQ to musically tweak your favorite recordings.

  • M-105 Stereo distortion

    Rodec's take on bringing the punk back into your performances.

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