At Rodec, we bring a fresh and innovative take on analog audio hardware for artists, rooted in our rich heritage and love for music.

If you've been around in the music industry for a while, you may know and love Rodec for its mixers. DJ's all over the globe embraced Rodec mixers as their favourite hardware and inspired us by pushing the boundaries of what two turntables and a mixer could do and taking audio performances far into the creative realm.

Rodec over the years

The Rodec story goes back to 1954, when founder Roger Declercq builds radios, amplifiers and speakers to measure. After decades of building custom high-end audio equipment, in 1970, the first mixer with faders is born, as an original invention by Rodec.

The rise of house music accelerates the expansion of the company and Rodec mixers become the golden standard in clubs from Ibiza to Korea. The MX-180 workhorse is launched in 1990 and the next decades bring an expansion of the product range and a boost in the creativity of audio performers across the globe.

With a production of just a few thousand pieces per year, Rodec always remains an artisan maker business, even at its peak popularity. In 2014, production stops, yet the brand's popularity continues to grow among DJ's, musicians, audio professionals and enthousiasts. The uncompromising quality of the components, the sturdy build and the iconic fat bass sound keep appealing to previous and new generations.

About half a decade after the creation of the first game changing mixer, Rodec decides to build mixers again. With the arrival of Tom De Ridder in 2021 as the new CEO, the brand reignites its initial ambition of 1970: creating the perfect hardware to enable today and next gen customers produce their ultimate audio performance. The Rodec love for quality, engineering, audio and providing the best gear for the audio performing industry is secured.

Being an early adopter of the Rodec MX180 as a music producer himself, Tom De Ridder is passionate to continue the Rodec mission. In 2022, Rodec is back to become the artist's golden standard once more.

The Rodec vision of today

The next generation of creative audio gear blends the boundaries between studio and stage, it blurs the lines between creating and performing as a musician and DJ. The next generation audio equipment is modular and allows for endless combinations that help you do what you want to do, but better, bigger, bolder. And it is still analog, with the component and build quality, as well as the rich emotions and atmosphere you love. The new CEO lives by a simple rule: never compromise on quality, always aim for the ultimate sound experience.

The entire Rodec team is determined to create the tools which enable audio performers of all flavours to display their creativity at its summum, without locking them in to one technology, channel or medium, inspiring the audio product community to mix and match different tools.

Legacy support

We don't produce or sell legacy mixers anymore. Looking for spare parts or service for your legacy Rodec mixer? Please check out bekafun.be