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M-101 Dual Discrete Phono Stage

M-101 Dual Discrete Phono Stage


The MX-180 was Rodec’s flagship mixer for more than 30 years. We recreated its phono/line preamp in a 100 series module, so it could be used in the MX Modular and as one of the two slots in the Bunk 01.

But took it a step further: we added a second discrete phono stage that features a deeper and more relaxed sound, which complements the more party-time sounding original Rodec stage. You can switch between the two phono stages with a simple flick of a button.

Next to this we added the option to push an addition +20dB of gain, to help get lower level records to level match. You can keep the original 0dB attenuator too, by adjusting a dip switch on the board. Please - Please DJs: do not misuse this ;-).


  • 2 Switchable phono MM stages
  • Original MX-180 phono stage
  • New discrete Rodec phono stage
  • Current feedback
  • Split RIAA equalization
  • Separate line preamp
  • Extra +20dB gain
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